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Yup! It’s a gaming laptop. I really enjoy it, I bought my Asus because the graphic card is amazing, it’s in a solid case – not fragile or flimsy. I’m a night owl and the keyboard lights up, so convenient. The processor performs seamlessly and I know it will last me a long time! 


Passive Income Products

Two years ago, I was forced to take time out for me, in the process, I lost 50% of my income. I was once a workaholic, I worked three jobs and maintained a part-time creative business, it but it broke me, mentally, physically, emotionally. It took me over a year to even begin the healing process.

I spent many many days and nights in bed – one night I decided to doodle on my computer while watching TV. This was the first time I’ve opened my computer in months! As I began to look for inspiration I realized that I could turn my doodle into a pattern. So, I did. I posted in on a print-on-demand website and never thought about it again.

Three weeks later, while in bed, I received an email notification. MY FIRST SALE! It felt so good that someone chose my design out of all the other designs on the site. MINE! This small win inspired me to open my computer again, it made me smile throughout the day when I used to cry. This small gesture of creating art in the midst of sadness brought a glimpse of light back into what I thought would remain dark. 

Therefore, I have to share, maybe this is what you might need, maybe this is will ignite a little beam wherever you might need it.

Here are are some of the tools I used to create, I hope they give you as much joy as it has for me 🙂

Wacom Drawing Tablet

Adobe Illustrator Book

Verilux Happy Light

Pro-Art Sketchbook

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Marker

48 Fine Art Coloured Pencils

Small Sand Timer Hourglass

Portable Bed Desk

Large Leather Desk Mouse Pad

Therapeutic Bed Rest Reading Pillow

Stainless Steel Straws – Great Price!

Dimmable Color Changing Lamp


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